Introducing Check Components: A faster way to build embedded payroll

September 29, 2021
Amar Jasarbasic

Software Engineer

Amar Jasarbasic

Building quickly and building properly is an age-old tradeoff companies face when bringing a new product to life, but it’s one that we don’t think our partners should have to face with payroll. This is why we’re introducing Check Components! Check Components are embeddable flows that you can add into your application with a few lines of code. Pick and choose from a variety of Components that allow you to easily onboard employees, run payroll, generate reports, and set up third-party integrations such as Quickbooks Online. Components are customizable and can match the look and feel of your product for a more native experience for your end-users. 

Every payroll product has a baseline set of features. Check Components represent that foundation. Components are a library of common payroll elements that help speed up your path to a live payroll product. We believe that our partners should spend the majority of their time focused on the features and flows that will make their payroll product unique, and avoid reinventing the wheel on elements common to most payroll apps.

Check Components mark a meaningful milestone in the maturation of embedded payroll, acting as a go-to-market accelerator for our partners, running on our powerful engine under the hood. Now, a platform that wants to expand its offering into payroll can do so in a matter of weeks, not months. 

Take, for example, the Run Payroll component, one of our most powerful Components yet. This component can save your team months of design and engineering effort required to build a compliant, well tested, and user-friendly payroll flow. Having collectively spent thousands of hours with our partners reviewing many iterations of payroll flows, we have simplified one of the most complicated areas of payroll into a plug-and-play experience that our customers can leverage into their own apps. This component will be available to all Check partners next month.

With Check Components, your team can focus on building features that improve the overall experience for your customers. Using just a handful of Components can significantly reduce your developer efforts and get your product to market sooner. 

To learn more about Components, check out the documentation and our working with Check Components guide. We are excited to roll out many more new Components over the coming months. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a design partner on new Components, please reach out to us at

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