Embedded payroll for EORs and staffing platforms

Attract top talent and increase worker retention with embedded payroll. Workers get faster, easier payouts through your platform. Your team benefits from increased operational efficiency and less manual work.

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A great payroll experience can help you differentiate

Win the war for talent with a seamless payroll experience and faster pay cycles — whether you're a talent marketplace, the employer of record, or somewhere in between.


platform usage by adding payroll and pay stubs


Reduction in support tickets related to payroll


increase in payroll onboarding speed

Run your own payroll

Build an experience your workers love

Bouncing between your platform and a third-party payroll provider is a pain. Give employees access to their pay stubs and other payroll information right from your app.

Reduce manual errors and risk

Gone are the days of manually porting payroll data from one system to another. With worker data and payroll information in the same system, you can reduce risk from payroll errors.

Increase operational efficiency

With changing pay rates, inconsistent hours, and location-based taxes, you get a lot of payroll support tickets. Reduce operational overhead with payroll built into your platform.

The APIs every staffing platform should know about

Read the ebook to learn how winning staffing platforms are leveraging APIs to improve the candidate experience and reduce operational overhead.

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Our payroll experts help keep you compliant

Enablement for your teams

Our engineering, payroll operations, and compliance teams are with you every step of the way while implementing your payroll product.

On-demand payroll expertise

Instantly get access to a team of experts ready to help you navigate payroll edge cases.

Migrate seamlessly with managed services

Moving to a new payroll provider can be tricky. Our team of experts will walk you through the transition every step of the way.

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