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Boost customer value and retention with a payroll product native to your platform. You build the front end experience for your customers. We’ll run the back end, removing complexities with our modern API-first platform.
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Our Challenge

Payroll is different for every type of business

Your customers love you for understanding and meeting their unique needs. But for payroll, they are saddled with generic 3rd-party payroll providers that miss the mark.

What’s worse, 3rd-party payroll vendors compete with you for time and budget — and they undermine your core differentiator: being the all-in-one platform for your customer.

Case Study

Homebase helps local businesses thrive with Homebase Payroll

Homebase helps over 100,000 of the busiest local businesses manage hourly employee hiring, onboarding, scheduling, timesheets, communication, and more. Payroll for hourly employees is complex and business owners are not experts. Businesses want to focus on serving their customers — not running payroll — but have been stuck with legacy tools built outside of their system of record. They spend hours importing employee data into hard-to-use ‘accounting-speak’ payroll tools that are inefficient and increase expenses.

Homebase Payroll was created to simplify paying hourly teams, with timesheets and full-service payroll all in one place. Leveraging Check’s embedded payroll API, Homebase built a seamless customer experience through a native payroll offering. They solved a huge headache for their customers and increased customer retention and lifetime value.

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“We’ve always thought of payroll as a natural extension of our product, but prior to partnering with Check the complexity had made it a near-impossible product to build. We’re excited to work with Check to raise the bar for how business owners should be able to manage their companies — and pay their people.”
John Waldmann, Cofounder & CEO
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How it works

How Check’s API super-charges your growth

Bring a native payroll product to market that your customers will love. Check’s robust API handles payroll complexity, so you can quickly deliver a top-notch payroll experience — and expand the value you provide to your customers.
Check handles the taxes
You build the front end. Check calculates taxes.

Fast employer and employee tax calculations across 13,000+ US tax jurisdictions

Handle benefit, deduction, and garnishment calculations

Keep up to date with the latest 
withholding rules

Check manages money flows
Check makes sure people get paid right, 
and on time.

Employees and contractors get paid correctly for their work classification

Tailor money flows to unique customer operating environments

Manage payment frequencies, garnishments, and paper checks

Check generates & submits tax filings
Check creates and submits tax forms and filings to save your customers time.

Accurately generate and send business, employee, and contractor tax forms

Submit quarterly, annual, and estimated tax filings to agencies

Track and report on periodic and cumulative withholding

Check guides you on the path to 
payroll success
Check helps you build and launch a successful payroll product.

Build a comprehensive business case

Develop your native payroll front end

Plan and execute a successful go-to-market

Use Cases

Expand your offerings and increase your platform’s value

Differentiate your platform and accelerate growth by launching a payroll product to delight your customers, save them time, and reduce costly errors.

Vertical SaaS

Purpose-built software platforms power specific vertical industry businesses, like restaurants, car washes, or plumbers. Your platform is the operating system for your customer’s specific type of business, making payroll a natural extension of the “one-stop shop” value proposition.

Workforce Management

HR platforms and Time & Attendance software manage employees and their data. Expand your value proposition by managing salary, benefits, and withholdings.

Commercial Banks, Lenders, and Fintechs

Commercial banks, neobanks, lenders, and fintech companies help businesses grow by managing cash flow and putting credit to work. Expand your service offerings with payroll to handle your clients’ biggest cash outlay and be a more valued partner to your clients.

Marketplaces and Innovators

Innovative platforms have enabled gig and flexible work patterns by connecting consumers with the services they need, when they need them. Handle the complexity of paying mixed 1099 and W-2 workforces, optimizing your operations.

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