We build embedded payroll businesses

The Check platform makes embedded payroll possible. We help leading companies launch successful payroll businesses in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Our mission

Make paying people simple™

Building payroll products the traditional way is harder than it should be. And yet, it’s something every employer needs, no matter their business model or industry. Despite a massive rise in all-in-one software that has improved front-office operations for small businesses, payroll remains a challenge. That’s why we started Check.

What we do

Enabling the next generation of payroll businesses

We make it possible for software platforms to build a payroll product for their customers. Platforms can benefit from solving a pervasive customer need, a customized payroll product for their business. Meanwhile, your customers can save time and reduce errors with payroll that’s integrated into software they already love.

Who we serve

Payroll designed for your business

Check partners power many different industries, such as vertical SaaS, workforce management, fintech, and online staffing. Together, our partners serve more than 250k businesses and over 4 million employees. And now, with help from Check, they can offer easy-to-use payroll too.

Who we are

Leaders, innovators, and payroll experts

At the center of financial services, technology, and HR, payroll is a uniquely fascinating challenge. Our diverse team of experts are located all across the United States. And we’re hiring!

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