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We make payroll, softwareTM

Manage calculations, payments, and filings programmatically. We’ll power your payroll product with modern payroll infrastructure.

Calculate taxes

Automatically calculate taxes at the local, state, and federal level in all 50 states.

Move money

Ensure workers are paid correctly with fast and flexible payment timelines.

File tax forms

Easily generate, submit, and report on tax filings to 100+ government agencies.

flexible payroll APIs

New to payroll? We make it simple for developers to get started. Our RESTful API helps you easily manage company, employee, and payroll data.

  • Quickstart guides
  • Live code examples
  • API log explorer
  • Sandbox environment
  • Webhooks
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Reduce build time with the Run Payroll Component

Check Components are pre-built modules that cover the basics of any payroll product. Set up and customize your run payroll experience in just a few lines of code.

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With Check Components, we were able to build an end-to-end payroll solution in just a few weeks.

Vu Brown

COO and Co-founder, Buildforce

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Manage daily operations with Check Console

Visualize and manage payroll operations. Console provides the tools your operations team and developers need to support employers.

Connect to Accounting Software

Help your customers efficiently share bank account, wage, and reimbursement data with popular accounting software, like Quickbooks Online.

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