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Check Components let you embed the most common payroll features and workflows into your app, so you don’t spend time reinventing the wheel.
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Whether you need a component for onboarding companies and employees, or to view payroll history, Check has you covered. With four component categories, it’s easy to find the components you need for your use case.


Onboarding components help you bring new companies and their employees onto your payroll product. Use Payment Setup to connect to employer bank accounts without building that functionality from scratch.


Payroll components help you draft, approve, and track payrolls that your customers are running. Use Run Payroll to give companies an overview of their payroll before they approve it for processing.

Documents and reports

Documents and reports components help you quickly create views of historical payroll information. Use Payroll Summary to allow customers to see all previously run payrolls for a given company.

Third-party integration

Third-party integrations components help your customers integrate your payroll app with other software they use. Use Accounting Integration to allow customers to connect their payroll data to their Quickbooks Online general ledger.

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Leveraging components is fast and straightforward, letting you focus on building differentiated experiences for your customers’ unique payroll requirements.
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