Embedded payroll for workforce SaaS platforms

Increase revenue and reduce churn with embedded payroll. Companies like Homebase, Bambee, and Buddy Punch partner with us to create better payroll experiences for their customers.

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Become a payroll provider

Unlock revenue with embedded payroll

Every business needs to pay their employees. All-in-one platforms that offer payroll have the flexibility to charge a premium for their differentiated value.

Build experiences your customers love

Most small business owners aren’t satisfied with their third-party payroll provider. Build a full-featured payroll product customized for your market with Check.

Increase retention and platform usage

Payroll is at the heart of business operations. Become the operating system for small businesses and increase platform usage.

Compliance is baked in


Self-serve onboarding components make it easy to build compliant workflows. Onboard companies, employees, and contractors anywhere in the US.


Paying employees requires compliance at the state and federal level, including licensing. Check stays on top of compliance obligations on your behalf.

Tax filings

There are 6,000+ taxes and 1,000 jurisdictions in the US alone. Our team continually monitors and updates the Check platform to accomodate changing requirements.

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Customers that adopt payroll use our other products a lot more. Bambee Guided Payroll users are 30x more likely to log in and let us know what’s happening in their business.

Matt Goldsmith

SVP of Operations at Bambee

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Payroll is at the center of every workforce

Payroll is a natural next step for workforce management platforms. No matter where you are in the space, the Check platform can help you launch a payroll business seamlessly.


increase in average revenue per user (ARPU)


increase in customer lifetime value


lower avg. churn rate for payroll

Why Embedded Payroll for Workforce SaaS?

Read the ebook to learn how you can grow revenue, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value with payroll.

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Ramp quickly with help from our payroll experts

Enablement for your teams

Our enablement teams are here to help your technical, operations, and revenue teams learn the basics.

On-demand payroll expertise

With over 40 years of payroll experience, our experts are here to help you navigate payroll edge cases.

Scale seamlessly with managed services

Need help scaling in the first few months? Borrow our team of experts to help you on the front lines.

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Increase customer lifetime value with employee benefits

Offering employer benefits can help increase customer lifetime value and open a net new revenue stream. Our integrations sync seamlessly with payroll, making deductions simple and automatic.

Offer benefits
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