Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA): Check's embedded payroll makes process easy and compliant

May 22, 2022
David Sokolow

General Manager, Staffing & EORs

David Sokolow

Check helps staffing platforms transform the candidate experience by enabling them to integrate candidate payroll directly into their existing application. Staffing platforms build the front-end experience for their customers while Check handles the back end, removing complexities with its modern API-first platform. Check Product Manager David Sokolow explains how the product works and why embedded payroll is the path forward for the workforce solutions ecosystem.  

What are the challenges staffing platforms face today with paying workers?

I think there are two things. First, candidates are required to submit all of their personal information in two places: the staffing platform and a payroll provider. Payroll especially requires a lot of information; you have to fill out your W-4, connect your bank account and confirm your home address. If any of that information is wrong, then it’s incorrect in the payroll provider’s system, but not in the staffing platform. As a result, someone might not get paid, or the payment is sent to the wrong bank account, or the payment doesn’t go through, or someone might have an issue with the tax withholding. The result is a bad experience for the candidate because they’re not getting paid, but it also drives a lot of support calls for staffing platforms.

We’ve heard from major staffing platforms that one of the biggest impacts of using Check is reducing their support calls. The other challenge is operational efficiency. According to a recent SIA webinar, staffing platforms are growing 190% year over year. With that rapid growth, companies need to grow support and operations teams quickly to keep up with the manual tasks of sending payroll data, W-2s or any tax information back and forth. Instead, if a staffing platform is working with Check, all of that data is within the staffing platform. The data no longer needs to go between two systems, so it saves a lot of the manual processes.

So what is embedded payroll?

If I’m a staffing platform, or a software company that serves staffing platforms, I can embed payroll directly into my product. This consolidates the candidate experience, enabling them to get paid through the staffing platform rather than a separate third-party provider. This also makes the lives of operations professionals at staffing platforms easier because all their data is in one place, and they can control the experience from end to end.


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