Payroll journal and summary reports

Nicole Lee

Reporting is a critical part of any payroll system. At the most basic level it helps companies answer the question: “How much money have I paid to my employees, to tax agencies, and to benefit providers in a given time period?”

To help your customers answer that question, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched two payroll reports: the Payroll Journal and the Payroll Summary.

Both these reports provide an overview of payroll costs over a date range but the information is aggregated differently in each. The Journal displays information about each payroll broken out by payroll and by employee. The Summary displays the payroll cost for each employee aggregated over the selected range.

You can access the Journal at /companies/:company_id/reports/payroll_journal and the Summary at /companies/:company_id/reports/payroll_summary. Both reports take optional date query parameters start and end, which are used to filter the payrolls that are included in the report. For example, the following request will return a Payroll Summary for company com_EFOJASOKElezl8CffW23jkfok that includes payrolls with a payday in 2020 Q3.

Both reports can also be viewed as a CSV or JSON depending on the Accept HTTP header.

For more information about the endpoints, see our documentation here.

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