November 10, 2022

Support for 2% shareholders in Check API

Check now offers new earning types for 2% shareholders via the API, including `2_percent_shareholder_benefits` and `2_percent_shareholder_hsa`. These earning types are only available to employees that are 1) identified as a 2% shareholder in the company-defined employee attribute field and 2) employed by an S-Corp or LLC company. See our docs for more information on Group Term Life earning types for 2% shareholders. 

Please note that all S-Corp and LLC employees will be placed in a ‘needs attention’ state until the company-defined attribute has been updated, but this will not block payroll. You are able to set this status in Console or using the API, and employers will be able to set this status using Employer Onboard. You can update the 2% shareholder earning types today via API integration or wait for support in Console later this month. Learn more about 2% shareholder earning types here.