March 14, 2024

New Setup Summary View🚦

Starting on 3/28, we will be releasing a new Setup Summary view in Console. As you onboard more companies through Embedded Setup, we know it can be difficult to manage the process across all companies and ensure each goes live on schedule. The new Setup Summary view will display all companies currently going through Embedded Setup along with a new Embedded Setup Status indicating which companies need your attention. Finally, the view will also allow you to generate a CSV export of companies being set up, providing a point-in-time snapshot of all ongoing Setups.

Setup Status

  • Ready to Run: A company with a Setup Status of Ready to Run has completed Setup, and is ready to run their first payroll! We recommend paying special attention to these employers and holding their hand as they run their first payroll with you.
  • On Track: A company with a Setup Status of On Track is progressing through Setup without blockers.
  • Action Required: A company with a Setup Status of Action Required requires further action from either the company themselves or you, the partner. The specific action required will be communicated in the company's Zendesk ticket. Companies can enter this state under the conditions below. Once the information has been provided on the Zendesk ticket, the company will be moved out of this status.some text
    • The company misses their approval deadline for running a payroll that has a payday of their start date.
    • A Check team member requires additional information to continue with the setup.