January 4, 2024

Friendlier throttles and improved API performance stability, coming soon

Over the coming month we will be reducing our API throttle durations from per hour to per second, in order to reduce the severity of hitting throttle limits and to improve API performance consistency overall. The new default throttles will be:

  • Live: 75 requests per second
  • Sandbox: 25 requests per second

No action will be taken during the Heightened Awareness Period ending on January 16. We have back tested this change, expect no impact for your typical API usage, and we will communicate frequently to ensure a smooth transition.

On January 17, 2024, we will switch the default throttle logic for all partners in our sandbox environment. Over the following weeks, we will switch the live throttle logic.

To ensure a smooth transition, ensure API calls to Check implement retry and exponential backoff in response to HTTP 429 Too Many Request responses.