March 1, 2022

February Changelog

February has been a very exciting month at Check! Even with only 28 days to work with, our engineering team was able to make several key additions to Onboard, Console, and our API. This month we released improved payment visibility, failed payment retries, and bank account validation. With the recent announcement of our series C, we are excited for a supercharged year of building to make paying people even simpler!

Get visibility into money movement

For the first time, partners have visibility into the status of money movement within Check. With the new ‘payment’ and ‘payment_attempts’ objects, you can observe payments and their corresponding attempts for completion initiated by Check on behalf of a company directly from the API. For more information, please view the updated documentation here

Retry failed payments

Along with viewing the status and reason for why a payment failed, you are now able to programmatically retry any failed payment with a simple API call or with the click of a button on Console. We will also support programmatic refunds and wires:

  • Refunds: In the event the Company doesn’t want to retry a failed payment and wants to pay the Employee or Contractor manually via a paper check, you’ll have the ability to send the Company a ‘refund’ via Console or our API.
  • Wires: Companies who see a failed ACH debit often prefer sending a wire in time for payday. If your Company would like to do this, you’ll be able to create an expected wire, view the wire details programmatically via our API and Console, and show the status of the wire to your users.

For more information, see our Payments Recovery guide here.

Validate bank accounts

Failed payments are a pain for all of us — they result in significant delays and manual operations. To help avoid failed payments, Check now proactively validates all bank accounts added by your employers, employees, and contractors. If validation fails, we’ll automatically notify you so that you can request your users to update their banking details in time for payday. To ensure account validation does not get in the way of running payroll, bank accounts may be used while validation is in progress. See our Bank Account Validation guide here.