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Homebase helps local businesses thrive with Homebase Payroll

Homebase is a workforce management platform that helps local businesses manage employee scheduling, time clocks, HR, team communication, and now—payroll.

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Customers served:
Workforce Management
Private, <500 employees
San Francisco


Homebase helps more than 100,000 local businesses manage their hourly teams, with hiring, onboarding, scheduling, time clocks, messaging, HR, and more. Businesses look to Homebase to simplify paperwork, automate tedious tasks, and help them manage with their teams. Payroll was a core part of that.

Homebase knew that many of their customers were spending several hours per week preparing, reviewing, and running payroll for their employees, outside of the Homebase platform. They were stuck with legacy payroll tools that weren’t built for the nuances of payroll for hourly workers.

The following are just a few of the challenges small businesses encounter with employee payroll:

  • Exporting employee and time tracking data then uploading or manually entering it into hard-to-use “accounting-speak” payroll tools
  • Calculating payroll while navigating the complexities of hourly wages, such as overtime, breaks, and labor law compliance
  • Collecting and filing taxes, on the federal, state, and local level
  • Giving employees easy access to their hours worked, wage information, and paystubs

It was no surprise that Homebase customers had been asking them to offer a payroll solution to help solve these challenges. The only problem was, building a payroll product from scratch would take them years, and buying a solution would cost millions of dollars.

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Homebase knew there had to be a better way to build a payroll business. Using Check’s embedded payroll API, Homebase was able to build a payroll product right into their platform in months, rather than years.

"We’ve always seen payroll as a natural extension of our product — and our customers did too. Check has enabled us to build payroll that could be tailored specifically for our customers. We’re excited to be able to use Check’s technology to create our own unique solution to meet the needs of local businesses and hourly teams.”

John Waldmann,
CEO and co-founder of Homebase

In a matter of clicks, Homebase customers can now turn their timesheets into hours and wages in payroll. Homebase automatically calculates taxes and paychecks, sends direct deposits to employees, and files payroll taxes powered by Check.

With payroll, Homebase is able to solve a huge headache for their customers and bring added value to the platform, by increasing customer retention and customer lifetime value.

Customer Impact

Homebase now makes it easier to pay hourly teams by bringing timesheets and full-service payroll into one place. This solves a huge headache for customers who were manually transferring hours and wage data between systems, wasting time and risking costly errors in the process. With the addition of payroll as an offering, Homebase furthers their brand promise of a true, all-in-one operating system for hourly workers.

“I honestly have not thought about payroll since switching to Homebase Payroll — which is the best endorsement I can give a platform designed to make you more efficient or take away a tedious task.”

Eric Murphy, Owner, The Gear Attic,
Homebase customer

Homebase’s customers love their new payroll offering. Cara, the owner of Rita's of Winter Garden in Florida, shared “We switched to Homebase Payroll because it’s super simple to use, and it’s actually affordable! Plus, having payroll and scheduling in one place has made our lives so much easier!” Ella Batten, the Director of Operations and Customer Experience at Wind Blown, also shared “Our previous payroll provider made everything very complicated— there was a lot of uploading, emailing, etc. Homebase is the exact opposite. It's literally two clicks to run payroll!”

Looking ahead

Check and Homebase continue to partner on releasing new features to further improve their payroll offering and make product adoption and implementation as seamless as possible for customers.

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