Playground launches payroll for thousands of childcare centers.

June 12, 2024
Check Team

Check Team

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Playground to offer payroll to the thousands of childcare centers that they currently serve. Playground is a leading childcare management platform dedicated to simplifying childcare for families and teachers alike and has revolutionized operations for childcare all around the country. 

The challenges around childcare hit close to home for the founders of Playground: They witnessed firsthand the stress of trying to manage a childcare program with spreadsheets and outdated software. The founders are brothers whose ​​mother directed a center with over 250 children. In addition, their grandmother, aunt, and cousins are all involved in a form of childcare. Their family members were being bogged down by manual processes with multiple systems and they couldn’t find a tool to provide a solution.

This led them to start Playground, which aims to streamline the many responsibilities of running a childcare program. From maintaining full enrollment and tracking attendance to billing families and scheduling staff, the operational requirements are extensive. Playground offers a comprehensive solution where administrators can communicate and manage shift changes, absences, schedules, manage staff records and hours, and maintain staff-to-child ratios—all within a single platform.

Playground found that the vast majority of their support inquiries were driven by multiple logins and data transfers between their platform and the payroll provider. Offering payroll not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances overall operational efficiency. By partnering with Check and adding payroll to their suite of offerings, Playground radically simplifies every day of their user’s list of tasks.

"We are thrilled to partner with Check to bring a unified payroll solution to our platform, addressing one of the most complex and time-consuming parts of childcare management," says Daniel Andrews, CEO of Playground. "Our mission has always been to simplify and streamline the responsibilities of running a childcare program, and this partnership enables us to take a concrete step forward."

Playground is removing the stress from childcare management and creating an effortless experience for both providers and families. This partnership between Playground and Check significantly improves how childcare programs manage their operations and stick to what they care about — the families and children they support.

To learn more about Playground and their payroll solution, head over to their site.

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