Expanding Wave Payroll On Check’s Infrastructure

April 3, 2024
Check Team

Check Team

Operating a small business has always been challenging. Regulatory hurdles, limitations in accessing or moving capital, difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled labor, and rapid technological advancements are just a handful of the complexities local business owners struggle with every day. In recent years, software companies have solved many of the front office problems that millions of businesses operating in the U.S endure. But key back office challenges – accounting, invoicing, payments, bookkeeping and, of course, payroll – are solved well by very few. 

Today marks a big step forward for small businesses nationwide: Wave, a leading one-stop-shop for over 300,000 small businesses, will soon be using Check to power their payroll offering.

“At Check, we aim to make payroll easier for as many small businesses as possible, and we’re thrilled to partner with Wave which shares in that mission,” said Andrew Brown, co-founder and CEO of Check. “This partnership will allow us to provide even more small business owners with the tools they need to start running payroll easily, seamlessly, and compliantly, without having to grapple with the complicated web of rules and regulations that come with it. We’re excited to see Check’s embedded payroll help solidify Wave’s position as a leading one-stop-shop for small business management needs.”

Wave’s comprehensive money management platform is purpose-built for small businesses, with accounting, invoicing, payments, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions. Leveraging Check’s embedded payroll API, Wave will expand its payroll solution to include:

  • Affordable, flat-rate pricing: Unlike other payroll platforms where individuals have to pay extra for a range of features, Wave will be able to offer all of the essential features that come with running payroll — including state and tax filings, end of year reports, and more.
  • Next day direct deposits: Employees can opt in to receive their paychecks the day after payroll is processed. Instead of needing the necessary payroll funds in advance, small business owners simply need to have funds available the day of payroll processing.
  • Single- and multi-state payroll: Automated state tax filings for small businesses that have employees in a single state, as well as in multiple states. 
  • Human-powered customer service: Wave customers will have access to a range of resources to assist with payroll questions, including support from experienced payroll experts.
"Our partnership with Check enables us to deliver a simplified, accurate and compliant payroll product that supports our shared goal of helping more small business owners start, survive and thrive," said David Axler, Chief Strategy Officer at Wave. "By simplifying something as critical yet complex as payroll, Check's API will enhance our offerings in all 50 states. Small businesses are critical to the communities they serve, and this partnership allows us to reduce administrative headaches for our customers while ensuring accuracy, speed and compliance in the process.”

Learn more about Wave Payroll at waveapps.com.

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