Arcoro Joins Forces with Check to Build Payroll and Optimize Efficiency in Construction Workforce Management

April 30, 2024
Check Team

Check Team

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Arcoro, an innovative, modular HR software solution serving over 7,500 customers and 1 million construction workers. The construction industry has long been underserved by one-size-fits all technology, and industry specific regulations around pay have increased the difficulty for generalized software companies to adequately address the challenges owners and workers face. With Check, Arcoro will be able to offer a construction-specific payroll solution, natively built into the platform thousands of construction companies rely on daily.

“Payroll has been a challenging pain point for the construction industry,” said John Shrader, CRO at Arcoro. “There is a lack of tools on the market accurately tailored to the needs of the industry with its complex pay requirements. Construction businesses are often too busy with jobs to prioritize streamlining administrative tasks like payroll. Partnering with Check makes payroll fast, accurate, and ultimately a non-issue for Arcoro’s customers, and allows us to expand our solutions at the same time.” 

For payroll, Arcoro had several options available: in addition to partnering with Check to build its own payroll product, there was also the potential to leverage one of many legacy payroll integration partners. Arcoro understood that to provide the best possible user experience and solve the issues their customers faced, they needed the most modern payroll infrastructure built directly into their platform. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Arcoro. As a market leader serving a million construction workers on its platform daily, Arcoro fully appreciates how critical it is to have a seamless payroll function,” said Andrew Brown, CEO of Check. “While Arcoro previously offered its own payroll functionality, it only extended to standard integrations with external payroll providers. Now with Check, payroll is completely simplified for users by being fully embedded into Arcoro.” 

This partnership marks another payroll entrant to the construction software space. Contractors have a growing number of options for construction software, and payroll has become an expectation for cloud providers serving construction businesses. While competitors are working with more integration partners to keep pace, Arcoro is taking a strategically differentiated approach – and gaining a unique edge – with Check.

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