Announcing Check + Quickbooks Online

August 12, 2021
Adam Drooks

Product Manager

Adam Drooks

We’re excited to announce an integration with Quickbooks Online. Time wasted by businesses manually manipulating and importing payroll data into their accounting software builds up fast. Here at Check, we understand the importance of closing the loop on payroll data, and one of our goals is to make that process simpler than ever for local businesses.

Eliminate the manual work around importing payroll data

With our new Quickbooks Online integration, your customers can automatically view payroll costs in their general ledger. No more manual exporting and uploading from one platform to another.

Once customers connect their accounts, Check manages the transfer of all of the payroll data, so customers and their team can spend less time on exporting and mapping and more time on the things that move their company forward.

Connecting a Quickbooks account with Check is easy 

Check partners can either integrate with Check’s sync API or leverage a pre-built component. Either way, launching the Check Quickbooks integration is effortless, saving your engineering teams months of work.

For your customers they simply need to authorize their Quickbooks account and map the relevant categories. Check handles it from there each time they run payroll. We will even log the paper check numbers that sync between the two systems for their employees who aren’t paid through direct deposit.

In the event that a customer needs to make changes to their Quickbooks Online integration and mapped categories, we’ve made that easy, too. They can always make changes or manually push a payroll when needed.

Payroll costs are often the biggest line item for businesses, and we know how important tracking those costs is for them. With our new Quickbooks Online integration, we’re taking the first step in our journey toward investing in accounting features and integrations designed to take work off the shoulders of your customers.

Are your customers using another accounting system? We’re continuing to think ahead on how to avoid complexity for all businesses, and we plan on introducing even more accounting integrations in the future. Drop us a line to let us know what your customers use for accounting software.

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