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We are a diverse group of leaders, innovators, and payroll experts focused on improving the lives of business owners everywhere.

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Who we are

Our values

Our values inform everything we do. They’re what we look for in new teammates, what we celebrate, and how we hold ourselves accountable.

Be an owner

We are all owners of our products and our culture. We are responsible for both our work and the success of Check.

Earn trust

We work hard to earn the trust of our partners and each other. We are open about our strengths, shortcomings, and quirks.

Check yourself

We listen and seek understanding before offering solutions. We foster belonging and invest in our people.

Bridge the gap

Our success depends on our ability to flex in new ways. We learn with urgency and teach with patience.

Who we are

Our values

Our values inform everything we do. They’re what we look for in new teammates, what we celebrate, and how we hold ourselves accountable.

Be a true partner

To make our business successful, we obsess over making our partners’ payroll businesses successful and we consider their needs to be our own. As partners to each other, we also show up for our fellow Checketeers every day, practice self-awareness, and put the needs of the company above those of our team or domain.

Run at the problem

Checketeers hustle, courageously embrace challenges, and take big swings to overcome them. We hone our skills through practice and view failure as a learning experience. We get out of our own lane when needed and we flexibly adjust to bridge gaps to make sure we’re doing what’s needed to build the best Check.

Simplify for Success

Less is more. We strive for maximum value from minimal investment, valuing efficiency and creativity while respecting everyone's time. Simplification is part of our DNA; we are in constant pursuit of simplifying our product, our tooling, and our processes to be error-proof and clear.

Think big, work small

Checketeers are curious and strive to become experts on everything. We dive into the weeds when needed, and as we learn we share our discoveries with others. We keep the big picture in mind as we work but never overlook the details.

Seek truth over consensus

Checketeers hold high standards, challenging ourselves and others to exceed what we think is possible. We bring a spirit of exploration to the ways we work together and we crave continuous feedback and improvement. We harness the power of data to validate our ideas and we work in the open. Above all, we commit 100% to moving forward together to achieve our goals.

Where we work

Distributed across the United States

Our teams are remotely distributed across the US, with hubs in San Francisco and New York. Outside of day-to-day collaboration, we also come together for team gatherings and annual off sites.

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Work with us

Perks and Benefits

We believe in investing in our people. We regularly review and modify our employee benefits to meet the needs of our growing team.

Home office stipend

$1k stipend for your home office setup, and $100 per month for internet and cell.

PTO & sick leave

Recharge and stay healthy with flexible PTO and sick leave.

Learning budget

Buy books, take classes, and attend conferences with a $2k per year learning budget.

Weekly pay

Every Friday is payday! Just one perk of being your own payroll provider.

Paid family leave

16 weeks of paid leave for new parents and flexible return-to-work options.

Health benefits

High quality health, dental, and vision insurance coverage.


Equitable opportunities for everyone

We are serious about fostering a collaborative, inclusive company culture. We continue to push the needle on equity for our team as we grow.

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) help give a voice to every employee and establish community within the company.

Pay bands and equity

We believe in equal pay for all. We have transparent pay bands to help ensure everyone is compensated fairly.

Diversity and inclusion

As a company, we set diversity goals, ensuring transparency by regularly reporting on progress.

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