Contractor tax documents

Nicole Lee

Earlier this week we added the ability to pay contractors. Today we’re releasing an endpoint to retrieve the tax forms that we file for those contractors at the end of the year.

Make a GET request to /documents/contractor_tax_documents to list contractor tax documents. Optionally filter the results by year, contractor, and/or company, which returns tax documents for all contractors who perform work for that company.

Documents may be downloaded by making a GET request to /documents/contractor_tax_documents/<document_id>/download.

The following is an example request to list all tax documents for contractors of company com_78SBpRPlDnUaY79JCncw:

Each result in the list response includes the following information about a document:

  • contractor - the contractor who this document was filed for
  • category - the category of this document
  • label - the type of the document
  • description - a description of the document
  • jurisdiction - jurisdiction to which this document applies
  • year - the year this document was filed
  • filed_on - the date this document was filed on

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