Employee tax documents

August 5, 2020
Cameron Spickert

Cameron Spickert

Last month we added the ability to access company tax documents, and today we're launching a new API endpoint for employee tax documents, making it easy to access federal and state withholding forms submitted by employees, as well as copies of employee wage and tax statements filed by Check, such as the federal W-2 form.

To retrieve a list of employee tax documents, make a GET request to /documents/employee_tax_documents. This endpoint can also be filtered by year, company, and/or a specific employee.

Documents may be downloaded by making a GET request to /documents/employee_tax_documents/<document_id>/download.

The following is an example request to list all documents for the employee emp_RMXCmfSQ0UrtfvShSyCk:

Each result in the list response includes the following information about a document:

  • employee - the employee that this document was filed for
  • category - the category of the document
  • label - the type of the document
  • jurisdiction - jurisdiction to which this document applies
  • year - the year this document was filed
  • filed_on - the date this document was filed on

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