2-day payroll processing

Ian Zapolsky

Today we're excited to announce support for 2-day processing on payrolls!

Before, our system only supported a 4-day approval window, meaning that for paychecks to be sent out on a Friday, payroll had to be approved on a Monday. We can now opt companies into 2-day processing, meaning that the same payroll can be approved as late as Wednesday.

The processing period for a company is now surfaced through our API:

Currently, the two possible values of processing_period are four_day (the default) and two_day. We don't expose this field for writing through the API - it is set by Check administrators once a company passes our internal risk checks.

As a part of this change, we've also deprecated the /paydays endpoint, which returns a list of valid paydays and associated approval deadlines, and replaced it with a new endpoint nested under the company detail route.

Now you can send a GET request to https://api.checkhq.com/companies/<company_id>/paydays and receive a list of paydays specific to the processing period of the specified company:

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