October 1, 2021

September Changelog

In September, we enhanced our platform visibility with the addition of accounting and onboard status webhooks, added more functionality to Check Console with custom earning code creation, surfaced more statuses to help with implementation, and released Check Components! Alongside those releases, we also introduced a new API version: v2021-09-02. Below, we will dive into the details of each release.

[BREAKING CHANGE] New API Version v2021-09-02

In the latest API version, we introduced the following changes: 

For a refresher on our API versioning, see our documentation here. If you are a current partner looking to modify your default API version, please reach out and we will help you upgrade.

Released Check Components

We are thrilled to officially launch Check Components: a faster way to build embedded payroll. Check Components are embeddable flows that you can add into your application with a few lines of code. You can pick and choose from a variety of Components that allow you to easily onboard employees, run payroll, generate reports, and set up third-party integrations such as Quickbooks Online. 

To learn more about Components, check out the documentation and our working with check components guide.

Added ability to create custom earning codes in Console

In Console, you now have the ability to create a Custom Earning Code under the Custom Earning Codes tab on the Company page or in the step 3 — add historical payroll section of the Company Setup page. To create a Custom Earning Code, you must set the code name, code status (active or inactive), and which Check earning type the Custom Earning Code maps to. On both pages, you will also have the ability to filter for all active or all inactive Custom Earning Codes.

See our Types of Earnings documentation and our structured earnings guide to dive deeper into Check earning types.

Introducing Implementation and KYB status

Before a company can run its first payroll on Check, it must first be implemented. KYB (know your business) is a step in the company implementation process where Check uses a combination of heuristics and data to determine the risk of managing the company’s payroll. 

We now expose an implementation object through the Company API that contains both the implementation and KYB statuses. You can read more about them here. Additionally, the KYB status is visible through Console in the company info tab.

Added Webhooks for Onboard Status and Accounting Integration Sync Attempts

We will now send you webhook events when an accounting integration sync attempt succeeds or fails. This event will include a serialized version of the SyncAttempt and, if applicable, any relevant failure information. We will send these webhooks with a Check-Topic Header of `accounting_integration_sync_attempt`.

We will also send webhooks whenever an event occurs that may change an entity's onboard status. These events include creating a document or tax form, creating or modifying a workplace or bank account, or updating tax setup parameter settings for companies or employees.

To learn more about Check's webhooks, see our webhooks documentation.