November 1, 2021

October Changelog

This month, Check shipped several new features to make building and operating payroll even simpler than before. These features include several new updates to our API, encompassing the Earning Rate API, W2 preview report endpoints, and support for setting an employee’s primary workplace. We’re also excited to announce Console enhancements that will allow your operations team to perform historical payroll audits more efficiently and bulk create up to 25 employees in one fell swoop.

Released Check's Earning Rate API

Developers now have the ability to store employee salary and hourly wages in Check as earning rates. With earning rates, you can calculate the correct gross pay directly via Check’s API when running payroll. This drastically simplifies what developers need to build to launch payroll with Check, saving time and reducing complexity when getting your payroll integration live.

To learn more about Check’s Earning Rates API, check out our guide and our official release blog post.

Launched support for defining benefits at a company level

With the launch of company-level benefits, implementation and benefits administration have never been easier. Prior to this launch, users could only create benefits defined at the employee level. Now, you can define a single company-level benefit and then create multiple employee-level benefits that inherit from that company benefit in a single transaction.

Note: You can still create benefits at the employee level as you’ve done to date — we’ve made this a non-breaking change to our API.

To dive deeper into our company-level benefits, see our reference documentation and Defining Benefits guide.To learn more about Check’s Earning Rates API, check out our guide and our official release blog post.

Added support for Primary Workplaces

Check now supports setting primary workplaces for employees. This enables Check to calculate taxes for employees in multi-state situations more accurately. For employees with a single workplace, their primary workplace will default to that location. For employees who have multiple workplaces, their primary workplace can be assigned via the API or in Console. 

Launched W2 Preview Report Endpoint

With this report, you can get a preview of all of the W2 data for a given company's employees, which will help your team ensure W2 data is correct for end-of-year reporting.

To get more information on the W2 preview report endpoint, see our API reference documentation here.

Launched Payroll Audit revamp and Bulk Employee creation in Console

We are excited to add two new features to Console to support your operations team as they scale your payroll business. 

  • Payroll Audit Revamp
  • Run multiple audits at once
  • Save progress so you can come back later
  • Re-run individual audits with one click
  • Bulk employee creation
  • Employees can be bulk uploaded 25 at a time
  • This removes the manual key-in of information such as employee name, address, date of birth, start date, etc.

Interested in learning more about how Console can help accelerate your payroll product development? See our Console guide for a product overview. You can also request an API key to gain full access to Console and its guides.