December 1, 2021

November Changelog

We’ve been hard at work this month and are excited to share some of the latest features that shipped at Check! Our team has made many improvements across our platform, specifically around bank account verifications, FEIN validations, benefits support, and Console features. Below is a recap of our November launches.

Launched bank account verifications

To ensure the highest payment success rates, Check now verifies all bank accounts. You can view the status of these verifications via the `status` and `disabled_reason` fields in the bank account object and bank account webhooks.

To learn more, check out our guide on bank account verifications.

Released company W-4 exemptions endpoint

You can now get federal and state withholding exemption status for all employees at a company via this endpoint. With a Form W-4, you are able to determine the amount to withhold from an employee’s paycheck for federal tax purposes. This form needs to be updated annually for employees marked as exempt, so this new report can help you understand which employees to notify.

Please see our reference documentation for more information, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Released support for effective dated tax withholding settings in Console

This feature provides more visibility and granularity on when settings are effective. For example, tax rates may go into effect only on January 1 of next year. Prior to this launch, users could only define settings once, and needed to make changes to those values on the day they went into effect. Now, users can update current and past setting values as well as create new ones in the future.

As always, you can visit our Console guide for a product overview and can also request an API key to gain full access to Console and its guides.

Added validation for FEIN inputs

We now enforce all FEIN input values to be in the following format: ##-#######. This validation occurs in Console, Check Components, and Check Onboard to ensure consistent and compliant FEIN inputs from your employers.

Added ability to define multiple benefits of the same type for an employee

You can now define multiple benefits of the same type for an employee with non-overlapping effective dates. In addition, you can now define concurrent benefits of the same type for the same employee for Section 125 benefits. For these benefits, a maximum of 10 can exist at the same time for an employee.

For all other benefits, only one benefit of a given type can be effective for a given employee.