August 2, 2021

July Changelog

Check added several features to increase the flexibility, compliance, and developer experience of our platform in July. These features include contractor support in Onboard, an improved KYB (know your business) data collection flow in Onboard, and a new status (failed) to our available payroll statuses. These will enable partners to support a wider range of workers, have more confidence in their companies, and have a better line of sight if there are ever any hiccups in their payroll processing.

Added complete contractor support in Onboard

Check now fully supports onboarding contractors through our Onboard product! Just as you could previously collect the necessary information for companies and employees to run payroll through Onboard, contractors in Onboard can now:

  • Link their bank account via Plaid
  • Securely enter their TIN
  • Fill out, sign, and submit a Federal W-9

Like companies and employees, contractor Onboard links can be generated either via Console or the Onboard API endpoint. Updated documentation for our Onboard product, including the contractor functionality, can be found here.

Added additional fields to Onboard

  • Terms of Service: Terms of Service will now be collected as the first step in the Company Onboard process on the welcome screen.
  • Company Details: We now collect additional fields that will improve our KYC/AML processes at Check. The earlier in the company onboarding process that we can collect this information from companies, the faster Check will be able to complete its KYC/AML process to get these customers running payroll. In addition, companies can select an address other than their legal address as their Principal Place of Business, which will appear on employee paystubs.

Added active/inactive flags to Workplace

Workplaces can now be marked as active or inactive via our API. Inactive workplaces may not be assigned to an employee, and active workplaces associated with an employee may not be deactivated. Inactive workplaces are also not considered when determining company onboard status. 

Please see the updated reference and guide for more details.

Added new Failed status to our available Payroll Statuses

The new failed Payroll status is now live and available in production. We’ve also updated our documentation with details about this new status as well as a new diagram to illustrate a Payroll’s lifecycle.

Enabled monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies through pay schedule API

Added user/group management support in Console

We’re excited to launch user and group management in Console! This will enable Console admins to create new users & restrict their visibility on a company-level basis.

Added modification of name and metadata in Pay Schedule